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Rug Cleaning Services in Hicksville

Not all homeowners prefer to use carpets on the floors of their home. Rugs serve as the ideal choice for those who have wooden or marble tiled floor and want to show them off to people at the same time want some carpet effect in their space. The nice thing about rugs is that they help to protect the floor and help to add colorful effects to the interior decoration of your home.

However, just like carpets, rugs are also prone to the adverse effects of dirt accumulation. This means within a short time of not cleaning them, they can appear dirty, and sometimes tear away. The good news is that you can also maintain them all by yourself with dedicated vacuuming on a periodic basis.

However, if you are the sort that can’t make time to clean your rugs, then you can call our professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Hicksville to clean your carpets. At Hicksville Carpet Cleaning Services, we have a highly skilled team of professionals who pay special attention to every detail of your rug and clean them with the best organic products. Here’s how we carry out the process.

On Site Rug Cleaning Services

Once you give us a call, we offer rug-cleaning services just like other ones in the area. Our professionals visit your home or commercial place once you book an appointment with us and work or clean the rugs right there in your own space while you can spend some great time with your loved ones.

You can rest assured that we clean rugs in the most secure ways. We use safe equipment’s and products to wash the rugs on site and dry it. They only your home until you guarantee that you are happy with the results we offer.

In-House Rug Cleaning Services

The second process we offer at Hicksville Carpet Cleaning for rugs is for those people who are tight on time. Not everyone can spare time within their busy schedules and simply can’t wait behind for us to finish the cleaning work. This why we offer in-house rug cleaning services.

All you have to do is give us a call and we will set the right time convenient for you to allow us to pick the rug from your home. Once we do, we bring the rug to our facility. Within a short time, we clean the rug for you and work on the necessary repairs to return them to their pristine look. Once we complete the washing, we also deliver the rug back to your home without charging any extra costs.

Rugs We Clean Include:


 Turkish | Shag / Silk | Japanese | Woolen | Polyester 

Handmade | Persian | Indian | Wool blends | Machine made, etc.

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