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Are there times when your eyes open in the middle of the night and you begin to cough or sneeze for no reasons at all? Do you wake up in the night because you feel something keeps biting off your skin? If you just said yes, then you should think about the last time you had your mattress cleaned.

Just like many other people out there, it’s possible that you don’t pay any attention to your mattress and ignore the amount of dust and mites that stay within your mattress. You should know that if you ignore the dirt level of your mattress, then you are subjecting yourself to a number of health hazards.

As many other furniture you have in your house, mattresses also have the tendency to absorb odors, perfumes, body oils, hair lotions, and bodily excretions that could stink too. Apart from these, mattresses also house dust particles, dust mites, bed bugs and so many other pests. Combine all these and you will inhale bad quality of air, which won’t let you sleep.
Dust particles in your mattress could lead to breathing problems like asthma, severe cough bouts, sneezing fits, and a lot more problems that won’t let you sleep. This is why it is necessary that periodically clean your mattresses. At Hicksville Carpet Cleaning, we know that health is important and this is why our technicians make use of the best ways to clean your mattress so you can rest well at night.

We Use Steam Cleaning Techniques

In a year, it is advisable that you get your mattresses cleaned twice or thrice. This helps to keep it clean and ensure that bad odor doesn’t affect the mattress. At Hicksville Carpet Cleaning, we make use high-tech of steam cleaners to clean mattress and get rid of dust mites, particles, or any bed bugs.

Usually, other companies use steam cleaners but that means the mattress won’t dry for a number of days. The longer the mattress would remain damp, the more the chances of the buildup of mildew and mild. With our state of the art steam cleaners, we tackle even the smallest speck of dirt and leave your mattress dry.

We Use Organic Products To Clean Mattresses

We know the value of good health, and this is why we only use organic and safe products to clean your mattresses. We make sure that we eliminate odors and stains and tackle the most stubborn pests, leaving your mattress clean and smelling fresh.

At Hicksville Carpet Cleaning, we value your time and offer timely services. We focus on customer satisfaction and only leave until you are happy with the services we provide. You can give us a call now on our number (516) 500-8588.

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